5 Reasons Why Playgroup is Essential for Your Child’s Development

Taking your child out into the big wide world to begin their social interactions can be a difficult time for both of you.

There can be nerves on both sides, fear of leaving the home environment, and a temptation to just hang on and wait until they begin playgroup.

It’s certainly forgivable to have this attitude, with every parent wanting to protect their child as much as they possibly can.

However, what is the result of missing out of playgroup in a child’s development years, and what are the reasons that this stage of schooling is so important.

We will explore those reasons in this article and explain why playgroup is an essential part of your child’s growth

1). Learning social skills and getting familiar with other children

It’s agreed by experts in the field of child development that children learn the majority of their social skills between the ages of one and three.

When your child attends a playgroup, they learn to communicate with other children, taking turns, sharing, and how to mediate in situations.

The great thing about a playgroup is that their parents are by their side and able to coach them through anything that is becoming too difficult for them. This provides the perfect safety net for your child’s learning experience.

2). Getting used to regular exercise early

Once your child becomes mobile by themselves, it can be difficult to keep them active in a safe and engaging way.

A playgroup is provided by professionals in child development, and it is a great way to get some energetic age-appropriate activities that are perfect for your child.

There is always an emphasis on indoor and outdoor experiences and your child can develop their cardio skills alongside cutting, gluing, and painting, essentials from them starting school, while also refining their gross and fine motor skills.

Experts advise parents to offer as many chances for physical education as possible at an early age, a playgroup is perfect for this.

3). Boosting those creativity levels

With 80% of all brain development taking place in the very first few years of a child’s life, providing as many environments for creativity and expression are essential for the brain’s development.

Having a playgroup as a regular part of a child’s routine allows them to begin their journey of creative thinking, with constant chances to continue to develop their own thoughts and explore them.

Pushing for an early emphasis on creativity also increases a child’s speech ability, as they learn to convey their ideas and describe their environment more coherently.

4). Building the essential skills needed for school

When your child begins a playgroup it will enable them to deal with new situations and adapt to new and potentially stressful situations.

Expert research shows that when your child experiences separation for the first time, it can be stress-inducing. With a playgroup your child can experience separation in a more gradual way, meaning it will be less of a shock when they make the move to the big school.

It will encourage a degree of independence from an early age and means they will mature in a quicker way and their confidence will build up to a point that they will feel more supported on a daily basis during the transition.

5). Increasing the strength of the parent child bond and making new friends

When you and your child attend a playgroup your relationship will strengthen because it becomes an experience for both of you.

This new territory for you both means learning and cements your bond even further.

While your child gains the ability to meet friends and forge lasting relationships, you can also benefit from the same opportunity.

It’s a great feeling for both parties to meet other like-minded people in the same stage of their lives, and it is incredibly comforting to know that you’re not alone.

Building a community around you both will stand you in great stead for the move to the big school, with the chance for you and your child to follow some new friends into that experience.


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