Where Can I Find the Most Fun Resources for Home Learning?


In a world that is already increasingly moving towards home learning, online tutors and homeschooling, parents are challenged with finding fun and interesting educational activities for their children that support their school curriculum. This can be particularly challenging when you’re unsure if the resources fit your child’s abilities, or match up to their school’s current teachings. 

The importance of matching these things up is tenfold. If your child starts working at home with work set at a different ability level, or on subjects that don’t marry to their school work, they can become easily confused and struggle to retain information as readily. The focus needs to be content that reinforces and supports the information they are receiving in the main learning experiences. 

You can keep up to date with the current topics currently being studied in your child’s classes by monitoring work sent home for them, consulting your curriculum document that you should receive at the beginning of each school year, or by consulting with your child’s school. The latter is also a great opportunity for you to check on your child’s progress and see whether there are any areas that they are struggling with that you can support with some home learning. 

Luckily, there are several companies that provide free or very low cost resources for parents that are quite often teacher vetted and match most major curriculums, as well as their being several stores in Singapore where you can pick some great physical resources for your child to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to get online resources or physical resources in Singapore:

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Learning Store Singapore

Keeping things fun and interactive is a great way to engage your child and maximise the amount of information that they retain. Learning Store Singapore sells an incredible range of products that can support a whole range of subjects.

From hands-on science experiments to abacus’ and counters, this store has everything you need for an effective home learning experience. The store has a physical location in Singapore in District 25’s Primz Bizhub, or you can simply order online and receive your products direct to your door. 

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Twinkl is an online resources center that is perfect for you to find ideas and activities to do within your home with your children. It covers all subject areas and the platform is easy to navigate, with simple instructions on how to relay the information. This platform comes in a free version and there is also a premium membership option if you’re really enjoying it.

The free version comes with a limited number of resources and activities for you to use with your kids, which could be enough for some home supplementary learning practice. With the premium version, you have access to a limitless number of resources that are teacher standard, giving you more options and high quality resources to use with your children. 

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White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths is a maths specific platform that is being used increasingly by teachers in international schools. The great thing about this platform is that they have a section on their website that is dedicated to workbooks for parents to do with their children. 

These workbooks are absolutely free and can be easily printed, with as many as 20 different books available for each year group. These work books are tried and tested by education professionals and therefore adhere to the curriculum of the year group they are targeted at.

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Laura Candler

Laura Candler is a resource center primarily aimed at educators, but you can download 75 free resources that come in the form of beautiful colored and illustrated work books. This website serves a predominantly American audience, so pay special attention to whether the book makes sense for someone studying in Singapore. Subjects like History may not be appropriate from this particular resource center. 

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Primary Resources

Primary Resources is a really unique platform because it is a catalog of resources that have been created and submitted by actual teachers. Created by Oxford-based Education Technology giants RM Education, this website hosts everything you could possibly need for home learning with your child. 

This website is completely free and consists of powerpoint presentations, word books, activities and much more. It’s split conveniently into age groups and subjects, giving you an easy to navigate and simple platform to pick up all of your home learning resources.

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