Top Educational Christmas Toys: 2021 Edition

Christmas for children is often fraught with trends with parents clambering to get the ‘hit toy’ every single year, and with toys becoming ever more expensive it can be a difficult time of year. Whether children are looking for the latest gadget, console or tablet it’s important to balance your purchases with some toys that are purely educational to break up their play.

It’s a misconception that educational toys are boring, but it’s quite easy to disguise education as play and you children can have heaps of fun while learning constantly. There are toys available for all kinds of interests, whether it be art, wordplay, sports or even gardening.


Toddler Age Easel

Here’s an incredible educational product for kids to embrace their artistic side. This easel is perfect for drawing, painting and chalk drawing. Endless amounts of fun for kids is a great opportunity to find themselves through art. These products are available in almost all good toy stores or they can be purchased directly from Amazon here:


Speak & Spell

Speak & Spell is an absolute classic that has stood the test of time. You may remember it from the original Toy Story movie. It’s not the only option when it comes to spelling games, they are huge when it comes to educational toys, but they are great quality and they will last. You can pick these up at most good toy stores or directly from Amazon here: ​​



Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzle is a classic and there are some great options available for young children. These puzzles don’t only aid hand-eye coordination, but they also often feature educational designs to aid with numbers, spelling, animal identification and much more. These puzzles are available in supermarket and toy stores or directly from Amazon here:



Operation Game

Here’s a really cool way for your children to learn about bones and body parts. Operation involves lifting small plastic parts out of a makeshift body and avoiding the metal rim which sets off an alarm. It’s fun for all of the family and educational at the same time. These products are available in good toy stores or directly from Amazon:



Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit with Vest

Here’s a great way to mix physical exercise and education! This outdoor explorer kit comes with an adventure outfit, as well as exploration essentials like a torch, butterfly net and binoculars! Perfect for children who have a particular affinity with insects and animals, it’s inexpensive and constantly reusable. Available in good toy stores and direct from Amazon here:



Leapfrog Magic Adventures Globe

Learning about the planet in a fun and interactive way is easy with Leapfrog Magic Adventure Globe. This product allows you to fully explore the globe and begin to build awareness of geography and different cultures. Suitable for a wide range of ages, this product can be used by children all the way up to 10 years old, with different abilities all covered under one product. Available to purchase at all good toy stores or directly from Amazon here:

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