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Sengkang 48

Little Oxford Schoolhouse @ Sengkang consists of 2 centres namely Sengkang 48 & Sengkang 02.

Both centres are conveniently located in a landed property near Compassvale LRT with a huge outdoor playground for children to explore and play. Outdoor activities offered at our centre include bikes, scooters, water play troughs, percussion pots & pans and a mini garden too.

Apart from the clean, spacious and safe environment, our team of teachers is passionate and dedicated in creating enriching experiences for children under their care – turning every opportunity into learning moments.

Find Us
Sengkang 2

Sengkang 48

Little Oxford Schoolhouse @ Sengkang consists of 2 centres namely Sengkang 48 & Sengkang 02.

Both centres are conveniently located in a landed property near Compassvale LRT with a huge outdoor playground for children to explore and play. Outdoor activities offered at our centre include bikes, scooters, water play troughs, percussion pots & pans and a mini garden too.

Apart from the clean, spacious and safe environment, our team of teachers is passionate and dedicated in creating enriching experiences for children under their care – turning every opportunity into learning moments.

Our Philosophy


We believe children learn by building on the knowledge they already have – primarily exhibited through purposeful play. Teachers help children learn by creating a rich environment to explore via exciting educational activities.

  1. Deeply Rooted Character Development

    The school strongly believes a foundation of a child can be built to become an upstanding adult by developing the child's trustworthiness, responsibility, respectfulness, compassion, fairness and integrity.

  2. Positive Discipline

    Spanking or other methods of corporal punishment are never to be used as a means of disciplining students. This no spanking policy extends to parents with their own children while at school or school sponsored events.

  3. Conducive Learning Environment

    We like to work and play in attractive surroundings so our buildings are clean, tidy, and pleasing to the eye. The outdoor environments are large, have colourful and interesting gardens, and a variety of activities.


Positive, Safe Environment – We are committed to providing an uplifting and positive atmosphere for our children and staff; a fun learning experience in a secure, safe, and loving environment.

  • Leadership – We are committed to lead; developing, monitoring, and empowering our children and our staff to reach their full potential.

  • Excellence – We are committed to achieve the greatest levels of excellence in childcare, in education and in everything we do; being highly professional, innovative, creative, efficient, and effective.

  • Respect – We are committed to building strong, healthy relationships with each other, our children & their families, along with the community through communication and understanding of the cultures around us.

  • Integrity – We are committed to carry out our mission with integrity in providing high standard of care and education to our children, family, community and our staff.


Infant Classroom

She has never tired of the “ah-ha” moments and the pride that swells in a little one who is learning to do something for the first time.


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    Shangqian Xie

    “My 3-year-old was deemed a “difficult” child at his previous preschool, and at night he wakes up crying from nightmares. He also didn’t enjoy going to school previously. Changing to Little Oxford Schoolhouse was a complete turnaround and he enjoyed school since day one. It’s been a week since he started and he’s always eager to attend school now. They have very hands-on and attentive teachers/principal. Would recommend highly.”

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    Sophie Guerin

    “Wonderful school, excellent teachers and staff. Little Oxford was the first school we enrolled our little girl in starting at 18mo. By the end of her first week, she was asking when she could go back. The weekend was just too long!

    Her language and coordination blossomed at Little Oxford. She now uses “please” and “thank you” appropriately and uses appropriate greetings for adults and other children. She started to pick up Mandarin very quickly and can easily switch between basic English and Mandarin greetings and simple sayings.

    Thank you, thank you to the wonderful team at Little Oxford!”.

We Provide Top-of-the-Line Early Childhood Education

Elements of Learning, Committed to Excellence

Our Curriculum programme adopt Inquiry-based Thematic approach that developmentally, culturally and linguistically relevant for all children. Designed by our educational specialist, the school’s innovative environment comprises a beautiful blend of extensive outdoor learning activities and indoor facilities that engage children in meaningful experiences.



Taught through visual, phonetic sound, actions and songs which is research proven to be the best approach for children to learn the idea of synthesizing.


Children need to develop large motor and small motor skills and cardiovascular endurance. Our school provides indoor & outdoor play area for individual's growth.


Children loves designing and creating puppets and collages, constructing musical instruments and flower bouquets, and painting, gluing, and crafting to their hearts’ content!


Excursions form a vital part of a child’s early education. They expose a child to a range of different experiences and enable them to gain a sense of the world in which they find themselves.


Our children benefit from a variety of outdoor play spaces. In addition to our large playground, they experience the cycling track, outdoor water & sand play and raised gardens.

Sensory Math

A preschool math curriculum should be taught using preschool lessons including interactive activities, learning games, printable worksheets, assessments, and reinforcement.

Chinese Literacy

A systematic and integrated literacy program promote language development preschool children.


We are dedicated to the care and education

Our Educational Programs @ Sengkang

Our exclusive curricula, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enable teachers to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.

  • 5 - 6 Years



    Language & Literacy
    Children develop their expression and receptive language skills through their daily interactions with adults and other children. This includes practicing turn taking in conversations, joining in puppet play, participating in group time, learning songs and finger plays and listening to stories. The children gain an understanding of the different elements of stories such as listening to stories, retelling stories through drama, making up their own stories. An understanding of literacy practices emerges via talking, listening and expressing themselves creatively.

    Social Skills
    The children develop healthy life skills such as washing their hands before meals and wiping their nose with a tissue. They discover environments (home and school), learning to understand and follow rules about safety and care for the environment. Children are encouraged to play well with other children, including the ability to solve simple disagreements, resolve problems, join in group games and discussions and confidently take their turns.

    Aesthetics & Creative Expression
    Children have opportunities to express themselves and develop their fine motor skills over time using different size and style for finger painting, easel painting, collage and play dough modelling. The children are also  given opportunities to freely express themselves during creative play, art and craft activity and drama play time. They explore and discover musical concepts by listening and dancing to music and exploring the rhythm patterns of variety of musical instruments. They develop a variety of movement skills such as throwing, catching, walking, tiptoeing, galloping, bending, stretching and twisting etc.

    Numeracy and Logical Thinking
    Mathematical concepts are explored throughout the day in the children’s play explorations and their interactions with teachers. Children develop and practice problem solving skills by investigating the consequences of their actions in their play. Children are supported in their investigations to become familiar with mathematical language and building their vocabulary. Children’s number skills are expanded through experiences including rote counting, numeral recognition and counting using one to one correspondence.

    Discovery of the World
    We provide activities to engage children’s five senses so as to provide them the opportunities to discover the world around them. The children develop a sense of enquiry by gathering information from a variety of sources such as books, posters and items from home. They have hands on opportunities to explore and experiment with a variety of materials, such as sand, water and are encourage to use reflective thinking by questioning why things happen and what we learn from these experiences.

    To promote the well-being of each child, the school strongly believes in close partnership with parents and community. To ensure parents are well-informed of their children’s development, we provide regular updates to parents through digital app, phone calls and emails, as well as weekly update of newsletter.  In addition, we hold half yearly Parents-Teachers Conference.

  • 3 - 4 Years



    Their world is opening up, so we bring a world of learning to them! At this age, we provide all the skills needed for their next big step to Kindergarten level.

    Learning Through Purposeful Play
     “Learning Through Purposeful Play” promotes the overall growth of  children in physical, cognitive, language, emotions and social development. Our teachers use simple Math and Science, involving role-play and group play activities to prepare children to a more structured school settings.

    Enhance and Encourage Communication and Language Development
    Encourage children to think about their learning and developing their language skills by using open-ended questions.

    Provide Opportunities for Physical development
    Wide range of outdoor and indoor activities that encourages lots of time and space for energetic and noisy play. We provide materials such as brushes with paint, art and craft materials, large jumbo crayons, large manipulatives toys, sensory objects and playdough for the development of fine motor skills.

    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    The school supports children’s social and emotional development by allowing them to discuss about feelings, show them how to resolve conflicts, and support them as they make friends. Teachers observe the children’s social & emotional development to promote interaction or interventions as and when necessary.

    Literacy and Mathematic Development
    To prepare Nursery for Kindergarten, the school encourage lots of book reading, identifying rhyming words, and writing. Singing songs and through fun activities to create awareness for similar sounding words.

    Understanding the World
    Children will be provided with meaningful experiences to understand the world revolving their daily lives, their homes, families, other people and environment and community and the wider world. Teachers provide resources and materials to allow children to explore through different types of play, activities and experiential learning opportunities as well as practical activities.

    Expressive Art and Design
    Children build self-confidence by expressing themselves creatively through painting, drama, music, storytelling and writing. Resources and materials will be provided to the children needed to create and explore. Teachers act as facilitators in scaffolding children’s creativity through close observation. Teachers play the role to nurture with words of encouragement to create positive reinforcement.

  • 18 months above



    Our Playgroup programme emphasises in child-initiated learning, teachers will encourage children to explore and make discoveries through their five senses, allowing them to experience the joy of play and learning.

    Opportunities For Fine and Gross Motor Development
    Use of large and small motor skills allows children to discover new things everyday through our well-designed learning environment filled with fun and educational outdoor and indoor activities. Encourage activities such as rolling a ball or obstacle activities for physical development.

    Encourage Positive Peer Interaction
    Music and movement allow little explorers to express themselves and dance with children’s songs. Using social and emotional skill-building tools like puppets to help them learn about their own feelings and discover the feelings of others.

    Language, Math and Science Readiness
    At this age, children develop their vocabulary by pointing to things and expressing needs. The school encourages pre-writing and pre-reading by scribbling on papers and turning pages on books. Activities such as sorting, counting, and measuring help children to understand Science and Math concepts.

Read On To Understand Our Difference

Why Choose Little Oxford Schoolhouse Preschool @ Sengkang?

  1. Quality Educators

    Trusted, highly trained and hand-picked educators. We believe that educators play a huge role in quality child care.

  2. Loving Language

    90% success rate of children reading before they go to school - for children attending more than 12 months.

  3. Character Building

    Children are encouraged to assess and match the traits and behaviours of commendable characters within a story through our storytelling curriculum.

  4. Culture of Honour

    We aim to help all people that come into contact with Little Oxford Schoolhouse in Serangoon/Bartley to feel significant, appreciated and understood.

  5. Orientation Process

    The school ensures our educators will dedicate their attention to all newly enrolled children to settle in.

  6. Home-Like Environment

    Children are comfortable and confident in their home, feeling safe and secure to explore and learn.

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