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Bilingual Preschool Programmes

Our exclusive curriculum enables teachers to create engaging and meaningful experiences for your child

FLOURISH Curriculum Model (Preschool Years, 4-6years old)

Forging Partnerships – immersing children in a supportive and nurturing environment to build a sense of belonging

Lifelong Learning – equipping children with positive attitudes, values and learning dispositions

OUTVenture Programme

We take advantage of our luscious greenery and spacious outdoor spaces nestled within our preschool, to prioritise outdoor learning experiences.

Through purposeful planning, our curriculum integrates hands-on experiences and promote interactions with nature, fostering children's exploration and discovery.

By immersing in the natural world, children develop self-confidence, curiosity, and a profound connection with nature, laying a strong foundation for their holistic development.

N2- Seekers
Age 4 years ​

In Nursery 2, children are naturally curious and are beginning to inquire about the world around them, asking questions that drive their learning. This stage fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they seek answers to their questions and satisfy their curiosities. Through engaging activities and guided exploration, they develop the skills for lifelong learning and discovery.

K1- Thinkers
Age 5 years ​

In Kindergarten 1, children are engaged in higher-order thinking that builds upon their prior knowledge. Children will have ample opportunities to analyse, evaluate, apply and communicate their knowledge Activities are carefully crafted to challenge their cognitive abilities and foster independent thinking. to encourage creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making.

K2- Inventors
6 years ​

In Kindergarten 2, children are given opportunities to step into the role of inventors, empowering them to create new ideas, things, and perspectives. This stage fosters a deeper understanding of the world around them as they explore, experiment, and imagine through hands-on activities and imaginative play. They embark on a journey of creativity and innovation that will prepare them for continued academic and personal growth

Teacher : Child Ratio

ProgrammeAge RangeRatio Set by ECDALittle Oxford Schoolhouse Ratio

 Infant (Inquisitors)

(East Coast Location)

12 – 18 months1 : 51 : 3
Playgroup (Explorers)18 months above1 : 81 : 6
Nursery One (Adventurers)3 years1 : 121 : 9
Nursery Two (Seekers)4 years1 : 151 : 12
Kindergarten One (Thinkers)5 years1 : 201 : 15
Kindergarten Two (Inventors)6 years1 : 251 : 15