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While we studied the location for our newest preschool it was important that we looked over places that have education value for the parents of our students. There are none more important spots for us to be aware of than bookstores. Reading at home is an essential part of a child’s development. It promotes growth in their English language capabilities but also encourages them to find their passions through experimentation. 

We have scoured the area to find the most comprehensive collections of children’s books available in Kembangan and the surrounding areas, while also paying attention to stores within Singapore that have rapid delivery services. These locations have fantastic arrays of children’s books, including fiction and nonfiction titles that will stimulate your child’s imagination and get them excited about reading. 

Let’s take a look at the local stores that serve Kembangan..

Book signing trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at MPH and Kinokuniya on 12 Apr 2015MPH Bookstore

MPH Bookstore is located in the SingPost Centre just 9 short minutes away from central Kembagan. This location contains not only an incredible collection of kids books, but also a wonderful array of children’s education games and activities. You’ll find all the latest and greatest titles as well as special events for particularly anticipated releases. They also have a book ordering service if you can’t find the title that you’re looking for, and they have a website that offers delivery if you prefer the convenience of receiving your books at home. 

Check them out here:

POPULAR Bookstore | Arts, Music & Craft | Books & Stationery | Hobbies & Leisure | Junction 8POPULAR Bookstore

POPULAR Bookstore is located in Bedok Mall, just a short 8 minute drive away from central Kembangan. It’s a hotspot for incredible children’s media, including books, activities, games, toys as well as stationary and craft supplies. This store really has the finger on the pulse when it comes to best sellers and new releases and is a great location to pick up any anticipated titles. They also have a website that offers delivery and a membership club that offers exclusive discounts like a set 10% off and a birthday discount. 

Check them out here:

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Elm Tree Books

Elm Tree Books is located just 15 minutes away from central Kembangan and it’s a children’s specific bookstore that offers an incredible range of titles. They stock all the latest releases and you can find books on any subject that interests your child, whether they want to learn about science and nature or read an epic tale. Their web store offers free delivery and you can also search by publisher on their website, making it super simple to navigate. 

Check them out here:

5 Excellent Bookstores in SGTimes Bookstores

Times Bookstores have 4 locations in Singapore, Plaza Singapura, Jelita, Waterway Point and at Changi Airport, but it’s their online exploits that would be most of interest to residents in Kembangan. They have one of the greatest collections of literature available in Singapore and a wonderful children’s section. They also offer amazing crafts, magazines, games, toys and anything else that supports education learning for your child. They offer rapid free delivery from their website also. 

Check them out here:

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