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When you’re living in a metropolis like Singapore, particularly in one of the more built up areas like Kembangan, it’s important for you and your family to find and explore as many green spaces as possible. While green spaces offer the chance to enjoy some outdoor activity and exercise, they also offer the chance for you to enjoy some good clean air. While Kembangan offers a range of smaller green parks that are wonderful for you and your family to enjoy, Taman Kembangan, Bedok Reservoir Park and Telok Kurau Park for example, but none offer quite the same amount of space or range of activities as available at East Coast Park.

One of the key factors in the opening of the new Little Oxford Schoolhouse location in Kembangan is the proximity of so many incredible green spaces that offer us the fantastic opportunity to enjoy outside activities with our children. It’s really important for children to experience the world as much as possible while they are still developing their social skills and sense of awareness. East Coast Park offers the most diverse range of activities and the largest open space available to us locally and we personally recommend that our parents both visit and take up some of the excellent activities available there.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer at the park:

Coastal PlayGrove: Free Adventure Playground At Former Big Splash Site
Play Tower 

The Play Tower is a 16m four-storey structure that houses East Coast Parks vertical challenge. It includes a vertical play net area and numerous rope-based swings, stepping pops, hammocks, grip walls and disc swings, endless fun! Visitors can scale the obstacles and reach the summit of the attraction.. And the views from the top are spectacular. You can see a beautiful 360 view of the East Coast Park and the sea. And, if you are excited to do it all again, you can take the tube slides on the third and fourth floor for a quick route down to the bottom to go again! It’s truly a world-class piece of apparatus. 

Coastal Playgrove at East Coast Park
Water Play Area

Hosted in the same area of the park as the Play Tower, the Water Play Area offers the best chance to splash around in the whole of Kambangan. This area consists of wading pools connected by a stream with numerous water jets that light up at night. It has changing rooms and bathrooms on site, so your family can change in and out of your clothes quickly. What an incredible way for your preschool children to cool down on a hot summer’s day.

Coastal PlayGrove - East Coast Park - Parks & Nature Reserves - Gardens, Parks & Nature - National Parks Board (NParks)Nature Playgarden

 The nature playgarden is hosted at Coastal Playgrove and is beautifully immersed into the landscape, giving children a prime opportunity to be fully immersed in nature. The garden has incredible themed areas that allow children to explore different habitats. All of the area features heaps of natural materials including wood, sand, and gravel. There’s also a beautiful display of different plant life to encourage biodiversity and to capture the imagination of the children.

The initial portion of the park features the bamboo tunnel trail, really promoting a sense of mystery around what else is to come. The next section children can take part in imaginative play as they jump along the log trails and relax in the teepees, while always being surrounded by a blend of exotic shrubs which attract butterflies and other beautiful native plants to mimic the native forest habitat. The final section contains a trail which leads to a sand pit which is planted with other native shrubs that bring in further biodiversity. Children can enjoy the various flowers and fruits, and the animals that they attract such as butterflies, bees and birds.

Outdoor Classroom By The Sea At East Coast Park: Learn With Nature - Little Day Out
Outdoor Classroom by the Sea

NParks’ first outdoor classroom by the sea for preschoolers has a chalkboard with boulders and log stools, and a view of the sea. This stunning area offers Little Oxford Preschool more programming options, we can conduct activities in the outdoor classroom, coupled with play in the nature of this beautiful playgarden. They can also look into a beautiful old hornbill’s nest and observe stunning plants in the outdoor classroom.

GoCycling – GoCycling with Us!GoCycling @ East Coast

GoCycling Rentals have a stall at the East Coast Park for you and your family to pick up some bicycles and enjoy the coastal bike paths on a sunny weekday afternoon. For a true family experience you can pick up a pedal powered buggy (Pictured) that is suitable for two adults and two kids. Such a fun way to spend your day!

For more information:

10 Best Roller Skates for Kids (2022 Reviews) - MomLovesBest
Learn to Skate & Cycle at Your Doorstep, Singapore

Also in the East Coast Park is the Learn to Skate & Cycle at Your Doorstep school. This attraction is an incredible chance for your children to learn to rollerskate, rollerblade, or cycling among children of their own age. With affordable tuition and regular classes, it’s an enjoyable regular activity for your kids to get obsessed over.

For more information:

Bougainvillea Garden (จัณฑีครห์, อินเดีย) - รีวิว - Tripadvisor
Bougainvillea Garden

For beautiful garden views of Bougainvilleas in all of their glory, visit the Bougainvillea Garden on East Coast Park. Formerly called the Shrub Garden, this patch of land at East Coast Park’s Area F  has been transformed into a flowering paradise where one can enjoy the flowers next to a picturesque beach.

And best of all,  there’s a three-storey-high tower that sits on this beachside location. Access to the top of the tower is through a spiral staircase. So beautiful.

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