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It’s the holiday season and Christmas is around the corner! What better way to celebrate with your children than with some fun and creative activities. With children often experiencing a break in education over the holidays, it’s great to keep their mind focused and stimulated with art wherever possible, while the things you make together can be beautiful mementos of your time together and decorate your home for years to come. 

The Christmas break usually comes on the back of a long learning period for children, and the fall/winter term is the longest in the preschool calendar. While it’s great for your children to have that break, it’s important that we don’t take the easy route and let them play with technology or watch television every day. Never fear, Little Oxford is here with some great, inexpensive and incredibly fun activities for you and your children to share in. 

How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes : 11 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Paper Snowflakes

Here’s a classic that we’ve all done one time or another. The Paper Snowflake is made using sheets of white A4 paper and scissors. Simply fold the paper into four and then use scissors to cut out shapes (Make sure you help your child, use safety scissors or heavily supervise them). Once unfolded, you’ll have a beautiful snowflake shape, perfect for hanging on your walls or pinning to the fridge. For a full guide, check out these instructions from Martha Stewart:


Paper Plate Santa Claus | elink

Paper Plate Santa

Paper plate art is fun all year round and there’s no end to the things that you can make with them. This particular design only requires plates, paints and cotton wool to make an adorable Santa that will look beautiful placed around your home. You can even make multiple designs, santa, snowman, reindeer and turn them into a garland to decorate your walls. Check out these instructions from Arty Crafty Kids and have fun making this arty creation this holiday season:

Reindeer Gift Bags - Kara Creates

Reindeer Gift Bags

Here’s a super simple but really cute arty creation for you and your kids to get into. All you need to create these Reindeer Gift Bags is brown paper bags, googly eyes and red pop poms, all available from your local arts and craft store. You can create tons of these products to deliver gifts to your friends and family, killing two birds with one stone. Check out the instructions from Kara Creates here:

Paper Plate Christmas Tree - Made To Be A Momma


Paper Plate Christmas Tree

More beautiful plate art here with the Paper Plate Christmas Tree. This craft is simple and requires plates, cards and minor bits of decorations. Completed easier and looks great around the home and takes a good hour plus to finish. Check out these instructions from I Heart Crafty Things and enjoy an afternoon of fun with the kids:

DIY Paper Star Garland


Pin-Up Christmas Garlands

Simple, decorative and rocking good fun! Christmas garlands take time but they are so worth it. The satisfaction your little one will get from having their decorations all over your home is immeasurable. Simple cut-out festive shapes, decorate them and thread some colorful vine through the tops, and viola! Fun for all of the family! Check out these instructions from The Good Stuff and sprinkle some Christmas magic:

Reindeer Headband Craft For Christmas [Free Template]

Reindeer Headband

How cute are these Reindeer Headbands? They are super simple to make and they make incredible additions to your children’s Christmas attire. Made from simple pieces of card that you can get from any arts and craft store, you are simply cutting out shapes and sticking them together to create the design. Check out the instructions from Simple Everyday Mom and help Rudolf on this flight this year:

Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art Craft - A Dab of Glue Will Do


Fingerprint Christmas Tree

Here’s the simplest design from our lineup. The Fingerprint Christmas Tree and can easily be done by any child from one-year and above. Simply fix a tree silhouette to the paper and let your child blot paints with their finger around the outline and on the rest of the paper. The result is a beautiful and unique little artwork that would look beautiful in a frame for Christmas time. Check out the instructions from Meaningful Mama here:

DIY Yarn Christmas Ornaments | Fun365

Yarn Wrapped Tree Ornaments

These Yarn Wrapped Tree Ornaments are super cute and look great dotted around your home! All you need to make them is some thick cards, green yarn and multi-colored pom-poms, available at any art and crafts store. Simply cut out your tree shape, wrap the yarn around and decorate with pom-poms using glue (Or you can can adhesive-backed pom poms also) Check out this awesome instructional piece from Easy Peasy and Fun and get festive with your kids:

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