Do New & Modern Buildings Increase Children’s Ability to Learn?


The butterfly effect means that one small action can change the world’s environment and result in a different future. Children spend an average of 1,000 hours a year on the premises of their education provider. This biggest part of their learning process must be used for a better chance of success in their adult life. There are lots of things that can impact a child’s learning – poor teachers, lack of school supplies or even lack of time for parenting. One thing that is rarely taken into account is schoolhouse facilities.


While a building and what is inside might not change how a child learns in a big way, it can still affect their school life. It shows children that they should be proud of the way they look and to take care of their surroundings. These traits are key to success in later life. This also affects teachers in the school, who are much more motivated in a modern environment. Teachers find it much easier to educate to the best of their ability and the pupils will gain the benefit of that. Schools that are old and damaged give people a negative mindset and it means that they don’t perform as well. It lets people believe that it is okay to settle for less and not try to learn to the best of their ability.


Additionally, a faculty of great teachers is not enough alone to provide world class education. They need modern tools available to complete their craft to the best of their ability. New technology helps to keep your child interested and focused on taking in new information. When a school does not have good facilities for their school, it becomes very hard for them to teach the children. It also makes it very difficult for them to get the best teachers. The best teachers prefer to work in schools with the best facilities.

To recap, here is how you should look for your child’s school when you think about the building and facilities.


Modern Buildings or Extension Projects

Schools that have modern buildings have put more into providing a good standard of learning for your kids. With private schools you can tell whether they want to provide a good level of education or whether they want to make money. The schools who spend money on their building are more driven to provide good education. Schools that have plans to do projects like this are investing to be better at teaching. If you visit a school, make sure you check to see what plans they have to improve or extend their building.

Modern Technology

We can also judge a school based on the equipment they use. Better schools spend money to provide kids with the best tools for their learning. If a school has old and outdated equipment, it is a clear sign that they are not providing the best learning. Schools like this are keeping their costs low and care more about finance than education.

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