7 Quick Tips to Settle Your Child in A Playgroup In Days, Not Weeks

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Let’s find out how you can help your child settle in a playgroup quickly.

Every child’s first day of preschool is a big step both for the parents and the child.

Your little one may be undergoing a couple of mixed emotions on their first day in a playgroup.

You may start to worry about them, wondering if they will have a stress-free transition to a first day in preschool.

Most of the time, starting preschool is your child’s first time away from family, and the experience might be understandably scary. 

So, you might wonder, how can you help your child settle in a playgroup? Read on to find out.

1. Have a conversation about playgroups

While it’s true your little one may know just a few words at this point, try to slowly introduce the concept of a playgroup weeks before they start.

You can read stories centered on a Singapore playgroup to them every night. Choosing storybooks with pictures is even better!

Additionally, you can explore the idea of a playgroup through pretend play!

It will help familiarize your child beforehand, making the change a little less overwhelming when it happens.

Your child will pick up on your tone, which reassures them that things will be okay.

2. Bring your child to school before they start

Some children may not cope well in new environments, especially with the added anxiety of being separated from their parents.

Bring them to school grounds before they begin the playgroup program to be familiar with the place!

When your child knows and feels that a preschool is a safe place, leaving them there will be easier. Plus, it’s an excellent way for you to visualize where your child will be.

Keep in mind that preschools in Serangoon might have varying policies and orientations.

Don’t be afraid to ask around!

3. Create a routine for the day

Having a routine in place not only keeps you organized and less frantic in the morning but can also help your child feel safe.

They will encounter many new experiences, and a routine makes it easier for them to adjust because there will be something predictable. On top of that, having a pattern will help you stay on top of things.

You wouldn’t want to forget something before leaving your child in a playgroup.

A routine can look like this: prepare your child’s things the night before, wake up, eat breakfast, shower and get dressed, pack their things, and then go to the playgroup.

4. Keep smiling and keep goodbyes short

A child’s first time in a playgroup is an emotional event for parents as well.

However, do all that you can to hold back those tears!

Your child can easily pick up on your anxiety, making it hard for them to settle in the playgroup. When you show them you’re okay and smiling, it can help with their confidence to be separated from you.

It also reinforces a positive experience.

More importantly, leave after you say goodbye and create a farewell routine.

Prolonging farewells can add unnecessary stress to both of you.

Don’t forget to reassure your child that you will come back to pick them up!

5. Ease your child slowly into the playgroup

You don’t necessarily have to dive in all the way.

You can start with short sessions and then gradually increase your child’s hours at the playgroup. Some preschools might even allow you to stay a little longer the first couple of days.

Just don’t forget to inform your child when you’re leaving, so they won’t be surprised.

6. Have space for them to process their emotions

After a playgroup session, make sure to give them space where they can express their feelings.

Since your child might still be struggling with words, finding other ways to communicate how they feel can help them settle in a playgroup. It is also the perfect time for you to be creative with your child!

You can do sensory plays, drawing activities, and other fun stuff.

7. Communicate consistently with your child’s teachers

Keep a close eye on your child’s progress by keeping in touch with their teachers.

They are, after all, the ones spending time with your child.

Communicating with the school helps you and them help your child settle in.

Plus, it keeps you updated with what’s happening, and you will be informed of any concerns that need to be addressed.

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These are just 7 quick tips to help your child settle in a playgroup.

Here at Little Oxford Schoolhouse, we value each child’s experience as we want them to feel equally loved and cared for by our outstanding educators.

If you’re trying to find a playgroup in Serangoon, feel free to give us a call today to schedule a free tour and know more about our cozy schoolhouse!

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