7 Artistic Activities for Children That Don’t Make a Mess


There’s nothing better for a child’s development than flexing their creative thoughts through artistic activities that stimulate their minds. Whether it be building, making or drawing these activities broaden the mind and allow children to grow. It puts critical thinking and problem solving skills to work, and increases their ability to think more freely.  


With the modern world changing, it has become more and more difficult to find activities away from the digital world to engage kids. Interactive games and videos on mobile devices are so often taking precedence in children’s minds, and they are losing the opportunity to create through hands-on play and creation. 


Another obstacle to getting this creative play time is the sheer amount of inconvenience and mess it can cause in your home. Often play off involves an endless amount of setting up to protect your furnishings and decor, while tidying up can be an equally lengthy task. 

However, there are easier ways we can get creative and still be super-entertaining, and we’ve compiled a list of seven great ways to enjoy art time with your child without the mess!



This ancient Japanese practice is a fun and inexpensive hobby that has difficult levels for all age groups. Creating a whole world of creatures through folding paper, you and your child can work your way through beginner folds, all the way up to some seriously intricate expert ones.


Box Fort

Here’s a mess-free activity that’s also cost-free! If you’ve received a big delivery lately, or perhaps your local store is throwing theirs out, you can make a box fort. Let your child’s imagination run wild as you create spaceships, castles, dream houses and anything else you can think of!


Pipe Cleaner Art

Children worldwide have enjoyed pipe cleaner art for generations! These colourful furry pieces have wire inners and can be attached to each other by simple bending and twisting. There’s nothing you can’t make with these, from cute critters, to flowers and scary monsters! Simply cut, twist and go!


Coloring Pages

Who among us didn’t love a coloring book when we were growing up? Now in the modern era, there’s no need to buy books from stores anymore. There are a huge number of websites that offer printable coloring pages, with the one we’ve linked by Craola even having licensed Disney characters! Coloring is the foundation for a child’s artistic side and you can prevent any mess with water-based coloring pens!


Paper Airplanes

Here’s a great little competition to have at home, especially if you’re in a multi-child family. Cut, fold and fly and see who can make the farthest flying plane. We’ve included a link that will show you and your child how to make 16 incredible paper airplanes with detailed instructions. Endless fun to make the greatest craft!


Paper Market Craft Kits

Singapore’s Paper Market is a temple for crafty kids and parents to find raw materials and everything you need to have a creative time. If you’re looking for an all inclusive package, they sell premade craft kits with everything you need for a simple and fun activity. Their Craft Kits cover everything from charm bracelets to potion sets, a sure fire good time for you and your child!


String Cat’s Cradle

Having fun with a piece of string is impossible, right? Wrong! Cats Cradle is a game that originated in China and dates back to the 1700s. It involved the creation of a pattern with string, and a second player changing the pattern in the first player’s hand through a specific set of manipulations. A really neat game that is absolutely magical for children!

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