5 Crucial Things Parents Overlook When Choosing A Playgroup

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One of the biggest challenges for new parents in honing the child’s formative years is choosing the best school environment.

And for toddlers who are 12-24 months of age, choosing a playgroup is one of the most challenging decisions new parents have to make.

With the busy lifestyle of Singapore, having an institution to assist you in providing the best education is essential.  

Questions that most new parents think of are “is there a playgroup near me?” or “should I enroll in a full-day or half-day set-up?”.

These questions are just a few of the many concerns that new parents face.

If you keep on reading, this article might help you. 

5 crucial things parents overlook when choosing a playgroup - Little Oxford Schoolhouse Singapore - What is a playgroup

But first things first, what is a playgroup?

A playgroup is an organized group of kids who play and learn together in an informal setup in their early years.

This is done with a fixed schedule and must be facilitated by parents or trained personnel.

Playgroups are important in building the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of your child. 

But knowing what a playgroup is is not enough.

You may want to prepare your kids since this will be their first time to have multiple interactions with people in a different setting. 

Crucial concerns new parents must consider when choosing a Singapore playgroup

The following are the 5 crucial concerns that new parents must take into consideration when choosing a playgroup:

5 crucial things parents overlook when choosing a playgroup - Little Oxford Schoolhouse Singapore - proximity

1. Proximity

Proximity or location is one of the most overlooked factors and the most important concern of new parents.

The most ideal location is within a 5-km radius from your home.

If you’re looking for a playgroup in Serangoon / Bartley, you may want to choose a school that is near your home. 

Kids tend to be anxious and overwhelmed during the first day.

As new parents, you should be there to cheer them up.

To avoid this, you may want to familiarize your kid by going to the place several times. 

5 crucial things parents overlook when choosing a playgroup - Little Oxford Schoolhouse Singapore - curriculum

2. Curriculum and facility

All parents want the best learning experience for their kids.

In choosing a playgroup, you may want to consider finding one that provides a holistic learning approach.

Combining activities that offer learning and enjoyment will create a good environment for your child. 

Activities that encourage your child to explore and learn using their five senses while having fun.

Having indoor and outdoor activities will also help in developing your child’s skills. 

3. Security and safety

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance.

Children at this age are good explorers and often get bruises while playing.

Having a school with staff who are trained with first aid is a necessity nowadays.

Also, having facilities that are safe and secure will ease your mind while they are in school.

You may want to look into enrolling in a playgroup that offers a safe and conducive learning environment for all children. 

4. Communication with the institution 

As partners in nurturing your child’s growth, the institution and parents must have a good relationship.

This is also an effective way to build trust and share between parents and our teachers.

As new parents, you must know how your kids are doing in school. It’s not just your daily question of “how was your day?” to your child. 

It is important that the school informs you of your kid’s situation in the playgroup.

Is your child shy?

Does your child interact with the rest of the children?

In the same way, you should also ask their teacher from time to time.

Knowing these things, through communication with the school staff or teachers, is important.

Since these are the things that you can help your child with. 

LittleOxford Schoolhouse Singpore Serangoon Bartley Kindergarten Healthy Food HPS

5. Meals 

Nutrition is one of the greatest factors in ensuring your child’s development.

A well-balanced diet is encouraged at a young age so that they can adopt this until they reach adulthood.

As new parents, you also have to prioritize the nutritional requirement your kids are having

You may want to check whether the school offers nutritious meals.

It is also important to note that if your child is a picky eater.

By offering your child a variety of nutritional food, they will be familiar with eating nutritious meals. 


The foundations of a child are vital in their upbringing.

Therefore, it is essential to keep these factors in mind when choosing a playgroup.

We, at Little Oxford, ensure that your child experiences the best school environment in their starting years.

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