Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Sengkang


Sengkang is a popular residential area in the northeastern part of Singapore. The area used to be a sleepy fishing village, now it is known for being easily accessible via MRT & LRT, delicious food, and the Riverside Park.

If you’re thinking of living in Sengkang, you might be curious about the neighborhood and what you can do in the area. Are there nearby hospitals? Is there a good preschool in Sengkang? How do the schools compare to other preschools in Singapore? What kind of family-friendly activities are available?

While we won’t cover all these questions in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten fun things you can do in Sengkang. After all, having access to fun and interesting activities are a crucial part of a residential area. Let us know if there are more fun things we should add to the list!

1. Sengkang Riverside Park


You can’t talk about Sengkang without mentioning Sengkang Riverside Park. This popular park is frequented by many visitors who run or bike along its many scenic paths. It offers a constructed wetland and lush biodiversity. Children will love exploring the many fruit trees and the nature play garden that features an edible garden, a butterfly-attracting area, and an inclusive playground.

2. Wild Wild Wet

One of Asia’s top 10 water parks is only a short distance from Sengkang. Wild Wild Wet is one of Singapore’s largest water parks and offers loads of fun for the whole family. The park features the first raft slide in Southeast Asia, a four-story ramp that heads to a skim deck, and a flume ride that gives you the experience of riding the rapids. No matter how old your kids are, family fun awaits you at Wild Wild Wet.


3. Tiny Rabbit Hole

Are you looking for a fun and unique activity for you and your kids? Head to Tiny Rabbit Hole and attend one of their weekly crocheting workshops. They offer many kinds of workshops, from kid-friendly, like crocheting a simple lollipop, to advanced level, where they’ll teach you how to make a unicorn basket. If you’re creative and crafty, you won’t want to miss this.

4. Sengkang Swimming Complex

If a water park is not up your alley, but you want to do a few laps to work out and keep your children busy at the same time, then Sengkang Swimming Complex is the answer. The complex offers large swimming pools perfect for working out, water slides, and a fun water play area for the young ones. The swimming complex is one of the most popular places to visit for locals. It’s easily accessible, so you can bring your child to spend a few hours here after going to the morning preschool in Sengkang.

5. Visit Seletar Mall

Visiting the neighborhood mall is always a fun activity! Fetch your child from their preschool in Sengkang and head to Seletar Mall. Hang out with them at the Sunshine Childhood Playland or run some errands at the supermarket. At the same time, your kids can catch up with their schoolwork at one of the many tutorial and enrichment centers here while you finish your shopping.

6. Sengkang Sculpture Park

One of the unique parks in Singapore is Sengkang Sculpture Park. It features different marine-themed sculptures, many of them big enough for your child to walk under and enjoy. You’ll be able to take lots of fun photos here and enjoy exploring the giant sculptures. There are also two children’s playgrounds, climbing walls, and fitness equipment that ensure you’ll always have something fun to do every time you visit.

7. Punggol Park

punggol waterway park

Punggol Park is well within the area and a favorite spot for Sengkang residents. The highlight is definitely the opportunity to go fishing. Yes, you heard that right! You can go fishing without taking a boat or going anywhere far. The 16-hectare park also offers scenic picnic spots and bike paths.

8. Fire Station Open House

A popular activity before the COVID-19 pandemic, the fire station open house is back! The open house is scheduled in selected fire stations around Singapore, including Sengkang, every Saturday. You and your kids will be able to meet the firefighters and paramedics of the SCDF and learn about how they manage emergencies. Your child can also get to see emergency vehicles and experience how to use a fire hose. This activity is a must for children who love cars and other vehicles. Visiting a fire station open house is also an excellent activity for kids in preschool in Sengkang or any preschool in Singapore, as it happens in different stations around the country.

9. Sengkang Square Kopitiam

While it may not be at the top of places to visit in Sengkang, visiting the Sengkang Square Kopitiam is a fun activity for all ages. Instead of eating at home, bring your child to enjoy a casual meal here. A classic kopitiam snack is great for before or after attending preschool in Sengkang.

10. Visit the “Temple district”

Arulmigu Velmurugan Gnanamuneeswarar Temple

One more fun thing to do in Sengkang is to visit the Chinese and Hindu temples in a “mini temple” district. The most famous temple in this area is Arulmigu Velmurugan Gnanamuneeswarar Temple, known for its intricate carved structures and beautifully colored walls. Adults and kids alike will enjoy admiring this temple and the all-white Tian Guo Fo Tang beside it. Instead of another trip to the playground, bring your kids here to introduce them to the rich culture available in Singapore.

Sengkang is a great place to visit and an even better place to live in and appreciate. There are no shortage of fun things to do, places to see, and areas to experience for adults and kids. While a good preschool in Sengkang, or any good preschool in Singapore, will probably arrange a field trip to one of these places, you can never visit these places enough. Spending a day at the park or splashing in a water park is what wonderful childhood memories are made up of.

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